Heritage line

Classical Aluminum & Wood Pilates apparatus

Our Heritage Line combines aluminum with wood details as no other equipment. Refined and durable, aluminum and wood provide enhanced design and  sturdiness – essential to the heritage of Joseph Pilates’ original apparatus – making HERITAGE the classical pilates equipment for you and your clients.

The classical Pilates Reformer

Discover the iconic Pilates apparatus in all its variations and find the ideal one for practicing in your Studio.

Explore the classical Reformer lines

Whether made of aluminum or wood, whether fixed or foldable, the TecnoPilates® Reformers combine the robustness and rigor of the classical Pilates tradition with the attention to detail typical of handmade apparatus.

Wood line

Classical Wood Pilates apparatus

The warmth of wood essences shaped according to the classic design established by Joseph Pilates.

Browse the TecnoPilates classic apparatuses lines by category of equipment


Alu and/or Wood frame. Combo Tower/Cadillac versions available


Alu and/or Wood frame

Wall unit & Mat

More Mat configurations available

Pilates chair

Wunda chair, High chair, Arm chair


Ladder barrels, spine correctors...



Small apparatus

Pilates circles and many, many more...


Accessories, spare parts and optionals

The Folding Reformer

The Classical foldable Reformer, suitable for any space.

Small apparatus

Great Pilates with small equipment

The Mini Magic Circle

Produced and distributed exclusively by TecnoPilates, the MINI MAGIC CIRCLE facilitates the approach to multiple exercises by launching a new challenge, both in combination with other tools (e.g.: original Magic Circle ...) and apparatus (e.g.: Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair ...).

TecnoPilates cares your Pilates Studio.

10% discount for Pilates Instructors form P.M.A. (minimum order € 1.000,00)

15% to 20% discount for orders placed during some Workshop sponsorship.

Your extraordinary stories of daily Pilates’ life

Working on TecnoPilates apparatus and want to share your pics, movies or stories? We embrace your passionate storytelling of Pilates experiences

Maintenance and repair services for Pilates studios*

Scheduled assistance for your pilates studio: let us take care of your equipment and save!

(*): Maintenance and repair service is provided for classic apparatus only