TecnoPilates è orgogliosa di annunciare e promuovere il workshop tenuto da Bob Liekens in Danimarca – dal 4 al 6 agosto 2017.

Bob Liekens was born in Belgium . Because of his dance carrier he relocated to New York in 1983. That same year he started his Pilates training at Romana’s Pilates Studio.
In 1986 Romana invited him to start teaching at her studio. Bob has been teaching now for thirty years .
Meanwhile, fascinated by the Graham technique he enrolled in their teacher training course .
In 1991
he became one of the first certified teachers at the Graham school.
In 1993 , in collaboration with Romana he co created the first Pilates teacher training program , and assisted her writing the Manual.
Since then he leads National and International teacher training seminars ,workshops and continuing education weekends worldwide.
Bob also practices Yoga and became a certified teacher in 1999. Bob still lives and teaches in New York.

Di seguito i programmi e le date dei diversi appuntamenti:

Venerdì 4 agosto 2017
11-12 Semi Private/private 1 hrs Bob Liekens, Sara Schytz & guest teacher
12-13 lunch
13-16 Semi Private/private 3 hrs Bob Liekens, Sara Schytz & guest teacher
16.30 – 18.30 Workshop ” Magic Circle on the mat – incl. the mini Magic Circle!” 2 hrs Bob Liekens

Sabato 5 agosto 2017
9-10 Semi Private/private 1 hrs Bob Liekens, guest teacher
10-13 Workshop “Principles of Movement part 1” 6 hrs in total Bob Liekens
13-14 lunch (possibility for a session)
14-14.30 Mat class Sara Schytz
14.30-17.30 Workshop “Principles of Movement part 1” continued… Bob Liekens
18.30-19.30 Mat class guest teacher
20-22 joined dinner – hope you will join us!

Domenica 6 agosto 2017
9-10 Semi Privates/private 1 hrs Bob Liekens, guest teacher
10-12 Workshop “Teach with your hands” 2 hrs Bob Liekens
12-13 lunch
13-13.30 Mat class Sara Schytz
13.45-15.45 Workshop “Small Gadgets” 2 hrs Bob Liekens
16.00-17.00 Workshop “Let´s Jump! Board” 1 hrs Bob Liekens

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